Learn to Integrate the Common Core into Your School Curriculum

Whether you are in need of a basic introduction in laying the foundation for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), or ready to dig deep into advanced implementation strategies, CMI will provide guided group implementation strategies for all levels. We want attendees to have a personal and useful experience, and are providing a menu of highly specific sessions to match your needs, and one-on-one guidance from some of the world's leading experts in education.

Join us for two concentrated days of intense, interactive training on how to align your curriculum and assessments to the Common Core State Standards:

  • Use the Common Core Standards as a springboard to revise and replace dated curriculum and instruction
  • Develop a model unit curriculum map that emphasizes coherence, focus, and rigor
  • Develop strategies for distinguishing the non-negotiable, targeted levels of instruction in the Common Core standards
  • Use standards as a launching point to strengthen alignment and vertical articulation among all of the critical components in a map

Learn How Our Four-Phase Model Effectively Integrates the Common Core into Your Curriculum

You will get the nuts and bolts of our Four Phase Model:

  1. How to lay a meaningful foundation
  2. How to launch and sustain a new school wide mapping approach
  3. How to develop formative benchmarks for monitoring student learning aligned to the CCSS
  4. How to set up ongoing upgrading reviews to stay current and modern

Rather than viewing the advent of our new Core Standards as a “compliance” driven initiative, our expert team will teach your school and district to see this as an opportunity to upgrade teaching and learning for 21st century learners through collaborative inquiry.

Two key focus areas will be available for those seeking hands-on work: cross-disciplinary literacy with the ELA standards and practical formative assessments on combining the math content and practices standards.



Obtain unprecedented support in mapping curriculum and student learning targets to the Common Core Standards with the Mapping to the Core suite. These resources present step-by-step theory and instruction that guides teachers through the process of creating a curriculum map aligned to the Common Core Standards. You will be among the first to be introduced to a dynamic, interactive e-book and e-planner titled Mapping to the Core: Integrating the Common Core Standards into Your Local School Curriculum.

Mapping to the Core: Lumibook* is a dynamic, cloud-based e-reading platform that stays current with automatic author updates, community participation, and rich text. We know that each school faculty and student population has unique characteristics, and successful PD models must be customized. This unique approach is based on school-wide and district-wide systems planning, with a focus on differentiated staff development.

Mapping to the Core LumiBook Mapping to the Core LivePlanner



The School Improvement Innovation Summit is an annual meeting of the world's leading education innovators; a place where experts gather to share knowledge and best practices for improving education and discuss the developments that will shape the future of education. Educators everywhere are invited to attend.
Join us for two days of interactive training on aligning your curriculum and assessments to the Common Core State Standards. Focus areas will include hands-on instruction on cross-disciplinary literacy with the ELA standards, and practical formative assessments on combining the Math Content and Practices standards.
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