School Improvement Innovation Summit

School Improvement Innovation Summit

July 8-9, 2013
The Little America Hotel
Salt Lake City, UT

The School Improvement Innovation Summit is an annual meeting of the world's leading education innovators to share strategies for improving education, and to discuss the developments that will shape education in the future.

The Summit is also a gathering point where School Improvement Network users and product trainers come to share best practices for using PD 360, Common Core 360, and Observation 360 to improve teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement.

Educators will walk away from the Innovation Summit with strategic frameworks and actionable tools to help implement new tactics for teacher improvement and student achievement.

Innovation Summit topics include:

  • Innovative leadership that leads to 100% college and career readiness
  • Innovations in on-demand professional development
  • Successful implementation of the Common Core Standards
  • Equity tied to practice that works for all students
  • Take-aways offering innovative approaches to vision and direction
  • Insights into unique student perspectives, context, and culture from guest students themselves—and how that knowledge can shape a school's approach to education and professional development


SIIS 2013 Speakers


Chet Linton,<br>President & CEO, School Improvement Network Chet Linton,
CEO & President, School Improvement Network

Innovation in Education: Educator Effectiveness
The only way to ensure 100% of students are ready for college and career is to ensure that 100% of educators are properly prepared to support each and every student. Learn more


Tammy Davis<br>Principal, Central Elementary, Artesia, New Mexico Tammy Davis
Principal, Central Elementary, Artesia, New Mexico

Only the Best: Success for Every Student and Teacher
Central Elementary is a dynamic school wherein every student is on grade-level by second grade, and far advanced by the time they leave. Learn more


Ken Grover,<br> Principal, Innovations High School, Salt Lake City, Utah Ken Grover,
Principal, Innovations High School, Salt Lake City, Utah

Innovating at High School: Personalizing College and Career Readiness for Every Student
Not content to simply ask what could be improved in a student's high school experience, Ken Grover and his staff set forth to create a comprehensive and fully reimagined educational experience for 21st Century high school students. Learn more


Curtis Linton,<br>Executive Vice President, School Improvement Network Curtis Linton,
Executive Vice President, School Improvement Network

Personalized Learning: The Future of Education
Is "21st Century Learning" hyperbole? Is equity in education only a goal rather than a reality? Will teachers ever be treated like world-class professionals? Learn more


Sonja Alexander, Learning Centric<br>Aleigha Henderson-Rosser, Learning Centric<br>Morcease Beasley, Assistant Superintendent, DeKalb County Schools Sonja Alexander, Learning Centric
Aleigha Henderson-Rosser, Learning Centric

Effective Online PD: The Key to Professional Learning
Facing the dilemma of how to scale effective professional learning to thousands of teachers, DeKalb County Schools in Atlanta, Georgia created powerful online professional development that serves the individual and collective needs of all the system's educators. Learn more


Glenn Singleton<br>President, Pacific Educational Group Glenn Singleton
President, Pacific Educational Group

Courageous Conversations About Race: Empowering Systemic Reform
The Courageous Conversations protocol is one of the most impactful dialogues any educational system can engage in. Learn more


Educators<br>Education Achievement Authority, Detroit, Michigan Cassandra Kessler
Education Achievement Authority, Detroit, Michigan

Student-Centered Learning: Actualizing 100%
There is only one way to guarantee that every student achieves college and career readiness: student-centered learning that personalizes the educational experience for each and every student. Learn more


Janice Poda<br>Strategic Initiative Director, Education Workforce, CCSSO Janice Poda
Strategic Initiative Director, Education Workforce, CCSSO

InTASC: Powerful Professional Teaching Standards
The new InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards codify the skills, proficiencies, and knowledge necessary for teachers to succeed in today's Common Core classroom. Learn more


Sherrie Snipes-Williams, LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon, Charleston Promise Neighborhood, North Charleston, South Carolina LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon, Charleston Promise Neighborhood
Sherrie Snipes-Williams, North Charleston, South Carolina

Comprehensive Student Support: The Charleston Promise Neighborhood
Come learn about Charleston Promise Neighborhood, a new and progressive nonprofit organization inspired by the Harlem Children's Zone. In collaboration with school districts, this innovative model creates a holistic and seamless continuum of wraparound birth-to-college services for children and their families. Learn more


Jotham White and Erika Franco-Quiroz Jotham White and Erika Franco-Quiroz,
Student Presentations

Students' Six: Proof of Impact. Students' Six is a professional development program to improve instruction for students of color by identifying and promoting the use of research-based and student-validated teaching strategies. Mr. White and Ms. Franco-Quiroz will speak to us on the six strategies they perceived as most beneficial to their success in the classroom. Learn more


Alan November Alan November,
21st Century Learning

Alan November is an international leader in education technology. While Alan was a computer science teacher in Lexington, Mass, he was probably the first teacher in the world to have a student project on line in 1984, a database for the handicapped. He has been director of an alternative high school, computer coordinator, technology consultant, and university lecturer. Learn more


James Mahoney James Mahoney,
Highly Effective Teachers

Since 2001, Dr. Jim Mahoney has served as the Executive Director of Battelle for Kids, a national, not-for-profit organization that provides strategic counsel and solutions to address complex educational-improvement challenges. Learn more


Melanie Park Melanie Park
Relate, Motivate, and Differentiate

After attending Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, Melanie Park began to describe herself as a teacher "grounded for liftoff." Learn more





The School Improvement Innovation Summit is an annual meeting of the world's leading education innovators; a place where experts gather to share knowledge and best practices for improving education and discuss the developments that will shape the future of education. Educators everywhere are invited to attend.
Join us for two days of interactive training on aligning your curriculum and assessments to the Common Core State Standards. Focus areas will include hands-on instruction on cross-disciplinary literacy with the ELA standards, and practical formative assessments on combining the Math Content and Practices standards.
School Improvement Network is the first and biggest name in on-demand professional training for educators. After decades of researching best practices, the company has developed the Educator Effectiveness System, a tool that helps educators become more effective and get 100% of their students college and career ready.