Chet Linton,<br>President & CEO, School Improvement Network
Chet Linton,
President & CEO, School Improvement Network

Innovation in Education: Educator Effectiveness
The only way to ensure 100% of students are ready for college and career is to ensure that 100% of educators are properly prepared to support each and every student.  Learn about cutting edge innovations in education to create a system for educator effectiveness wherein the necessary tools, support, processes, and professional learning are available anytime, anywhere, and personalized to fit the developmental needs of every teacher, administrator, and support staff.  With innovation at every level—policy, administration, support, and instruction—schools can begin to fulfill the promise of 100% student success.

Tammy Davis<br>Principal, Central Elementary, Artesia, New Mexico
Tammy Davis
Principal, Central Elementary, Artesia, New Mexico

Only the Best: Success for Every Student and Teacher
Central Elementary is a dynamic school wherein every student is on grade-level by second grade, and far advanced by the time they leave.  Serving a student-body that is nearly 100% Title One and ELL, this Blue Ribbon School ensures that every student receives the personalized support he or she needs in order to progress and grow.  Learn how Tammy uses PD 360 to support each teacher and individualize the professional learning so that every educator can drive Central’s 100% student success.

Tammy Davis is the principal of 2012 Blue Ribbon school Central Elementary School in Artesia, NM. This is her 30th year in education and her ninth year as a principal. Prior to her years in administration, Mrs. Davis taught kindergarten and gifted education. Mrs. Davis received her bachelor’s and master’s degree from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM, where she grew up. She is a Nationally Board Certified teacher, is active in the National Association for Elementary School Principals and Altrusa International, and has worked with the Alliance for Invitational Education. Her husband is a math teacher and a coach. They have one son.

Ken Grover,<br> Principal, Innovations High School, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ken Grover,
Principal, Innovations High School, Salt Lake City, Utah

Innovating at High School: Personalizing College and Career Readiness for Every Student
Not content to simply ask what could be improved in a student’s high school experience, Ken Grover and his staff set forth to create a comprehensive and fully reimagined educational experience for 21st Century high school students. Innovations High was created from the ground up with anytime, anywhere learning; full instructional integration with the local community college; career-path support; mastery-based education; college & career readiness; real-time progress monitoring for students and parents; self-directed learning; and a dynamic staff that truly puts students first. 

Curtis Linton,<br>Executive Vice President, School Improvement Network
Curtis Linton,
Executive Vice President, School Improvement Network

Personalized Learning: The Future of Education
Is “21st Century Learning” hyperbole? Is equity in education only a goal rather than a reality? Will teachers ever be treated like world-class professionals? And what role does the promise of technology play in all of this?  The key to fundamentally re-engineering our schools is to personalize the learning and support provided to students and educators alike.  Peer into the future of educational innovation where students learn at their own pace, master skills and proficiencies, and are lead through this journey by teachers who act as facilitators rather than instructors.  Just as students need individualized and equitable support to achieve 100% college and career readiness, teachers need personalized coaching and professional learning that focuses on the mastery of pedagogical skills so as to support each and every student towards 100% success.  The future of education is now.

Sonja Alexander and Aleigha Henderson-Rosser<br>Learning Centric, Atlanta, GA<br><br>DeKalb County Schools, Stone Mountain, GA
Sonja Alexander and Aleigha Henderson-Rosser
Learning Centric, Atlanta, GA

DeKalb County Schools, Stone Mountain, GA

Effective Online PD: The Key to Professional Learning
Facing the dilemma of how to scale effective professional learning to thousands of teachers, Sonja Alexander and Aleigha Henderson-Rosser in DeKalb County Schools in Atlanta, Georgia, created powerful online professional development that services the individual and collective needs of all the system’s educators.  The limitations to traditional professional development are well documented.  When good content is married with on-demand tools, resources, and management, the results are improved teacher and administrator effectiveness.  Learn about the key lessons and innovations that allowed DeKalb County to lead the nation in utilizing effective online PD.

Glenn Singleton<br>President, Pacific Educational Group
Glenn Singleton
President, Pacific Educational Group

Courageous Conversations About Race: Empowering Systemic Reform
The Courageous Conversations protocol is one of the most impactful dialogues an educational system can engage in.  Utilizing Courageous Conversations, educators not only uncover but unwrap the racialized traditions, practices, and beliefs that tend to hold certain student groups down while inequitably maintaining the success of others.  This is not just “figuring out” what to do with marginalized student groups that impact AYP performance, but fundamentally re-engineering the systemic beliefs, understandings, and practices of the educators themselves so that all students of every color can equitably succeed.

Cassandra Kessler<br>Education Achievement Authority, Detroit, Michigan
Cassandra Kessler
Education Achievement Authority, Detroit, Michigan

Student-Centered Learning: Actualizing 100%
There is only one way to guarantee that every student achieves college and career readiness: student-centered learning that personalizes the educational experience for each and every student. Student-centered classrooms begin with a shift to mastery-based instruction based on the skills and proficiencies defined in the Common Core.  Students then engage with the curriculum at their individual readiness levels—not at their age or grade level—and then learn independently, collaboratively, and in blended models at their own pace, not moving on until they have clearly demonstrated mastery of learning.  Learn how the teachers in the Education Achievement Authority have embraced a complete paradigm shift towards student-centered learning that has radically altered the educational experience of their students—especially those who have typically struggled to succeed academically.

Janice Poda<br>Strategic Initiative Director, Education Workforce, CCSSO
Janice Poda
Strategic Initiative Director, Education Workforce, CCSSO

InTASC: Powerful Professional Teaching Standards
The new InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards codify the skills, proficiencies, and knowledge necessary for teachers to succeed in today’s Common Core classroom.  Within these standards crafted by the CCSSO, teachers will see a clear guide of what they need to do to be the very best within their profession.  Learn how to incorporate these standards into the daily work and professional learning of K-12 educators in every subject.  Moving beyond a limited understanding of teacher evaluation based only on what can be observed in the classroom to a comprehensive view of what it means to teach today’s diverse students college and career readiness proficiencies.  InTASC provides a powerful model of what it means to be an effective, collaborative, and advocating educator in the 21st Century.

LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon and Sherrie Snipes-Williams<br>Charleston Promise Neighborhood<br>North Charleston, South Carolina
LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon and Sherrie Snipes-Williams
Charleston Promise Neighborhood
North Charleston, South Carolina

Comprehensive Student Support: The Charleston Promise Neighborhood
Come learn about Charleston Promise Neighborhood, a new and progressive nonprofit organization inspired by the Harlem Children's Zone. In collaboration with school districts, this innovative model creates a holistic and seamless continuum of wraparound birth-to-college services for children and their families. Through support from the cities and counties of Charleston, North Charleston, and from philanthropic investors, CPN offers a comprehensive public/private partnership focused on ensuring education, employment, housing, healthcare and community revitalization leading to academic and life success for every child.

Jotham White and Erica Franco-Quiroz, Student Presentations
Jotham White and Erica Franco-Quiroz, Student Presentations

Students' Six: Proof of Impact. Students' Six is a professional development program to improve instruction for students of color by identifying and promoting the use of research-based and student-validated teaching strategies. Mr. White and Ms. Franco-Quiroz will speak to us on the six strategies they perceived as most beneficial to their success in the classroom.

Alan November, International Leader in Education Technology
Alan November, International Leader in Education Technology

21st Century Learning
Alan November is an international leader in education technology. He began his career as an oceanography teacher and dorm counselor at an island reform school for boys in Boston Harbor. While Alan was a computer science teacher in Lexington, Mass, he was probably the first teacher in the world to have a student project on line in 1984, a database for the handicapped. He has been director of an alternative high school, computer coordinator, technology consultant, and university lecturer. He has helped schools, governments and industry leaders improve the quality of education through technology.

Audiences enjoy Alan's humor and wit as he pushes the boundaries of how to improve teaching and learning. His areas of expertise include planning across curriculum, staff development, new school design, community building and leadership development. He has delivered keynotes and workshops in all fifty states, across Canada, and throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and Central America.

James Mahoney, Battelle For Kids
James Mahoney, Battelle For Kids

Highly Effective Teachers
Since 2001, Dr. Jim Mahoney has served as the Executive Director of Battelle for Kids, a national, not-for-profit organization that provides strategic counsel and solutions to address complex educational-improvement challenges. The organization’s mission-driven team of education, technology, communications and business professionals specializes in creating strategies that advance the development of human capital, the use of strategic measures, the implementation of effective practices, and communication with all stakeholders in schools.

Dr. Mahoney has more than 35 years of experience in roles, including district and service center superintendent for 15 years, principal, teacher, professor and author. He served as president of the Buckeye Association for School Administrators as well as superintendent of the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center, which serves nearly 25,000 students and is recognized throughout Ohio as an exemplary center that fosters creativity, encourages innovation, and delivers first class service. A well-known speaker, Jim has made presentations throughout the United States, Canada and China.

Melanie Park
Melanie Park

Relate, Motivate, and Differentiate
After attending Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, Melanie Park began to describe herself as a teacher "grounded for liftoff." Using stories from both her personal and professional life, Melanie describes how lifting students and teachers to high standards requires a relationship building launch pad. In this session, Melanie shares practical ideas for designing motivational techniques and differentiation strategies based on individual needs. Because Melanie also understands how teacher and student morale affects learning, she will take the time to remind participants of their value. Although Melanie will show us how to relate, motivate, and differentiate, we will also remember to celebrate. Teachers and principals will leave understanding how the power of their "grounded" impact creates a liftoff for future success.

As the 2012 Indiana Teacher of the Year, Melanie Park understands that her year of recognition is followed by a lifetime of obligation. Consequently, she spent the 2012-2013 school year on sabbatical with the Indiana Department of Education. Her theme for the year was "Mission: Celebrate Teaching," and Melanie worked to shine a light of recognition on Indiana's outstanding educators. She visited over 900 classrooms and delivered speeches to nearly 4,000 people in her quest to uplift the teaching profession. In addition, Melanie had the opportunity to share a "teacher voice" with people like President Barack Obama, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Justice Sandra Day O' Connor, Dr. Jill Biden, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz, national and state legislators, and even Bill Gates. However, Melanie knows that her true power lies in the classroom because that is where she is able to develop meaningful relationships with students. As a result, Melanie will return to Riverview Middle School next fall to teach reading remediation. Melanie's husband, Steve, also teaches at Riverview, and they have two children, Nathan and Maggie. The entire Park family strives to serve others, and Melanie feels blessed to be living out that mission in her classroom.



The School Improvement Innovation Summit is an annual meeting of the world's leading education innovators; a place where experts gather to share knowledge and best practices for improving education and discuss the developments that will shape the future of education. Educators everywhere are invited to attend.
Join us for two days of interactive training on aligning your curriculum and assessments to the Common Core State Standards. Focus areas will include hands-on instruction on cross-disciplinary literacy with the ELA standards, and practical formative assessments on combining the Math Content and Practices standards.
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